The second day of #Kwanzaa#Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)

One of my goals in life is to help individuals and groups to identify and fulfill their purpose/calling. Part of the process requires self-determination, where the person or group decides on a vision or goal and takes the necessary steps to achieve it.

This is one reason why I have chosen to run for #CityCouncil for the #EastWard. We must have self-determination. We must set a collective vision of what we want the East Ward to look like, be like; how we operate, how we serve and care for each other, and how we show up in the world.

As a visionary leader, I’m always looking towards what’s possible. What assets do we have that will help move us forward? What’s working and how do we maximize on our efforts?

I know that we, the residents of the East Ward, have a vision for our community. And I am able to lead the charge and help us to achieve our collective vision through strategy and collaboration/partnerships.

Let’s move the East Ward forward in progress. Let’s create a thriving community. #RingtheBell for a self-determined East Ward. #Vote Kismet Loftin-Bell for City Council for the East Ward. #Kismet4EastWard


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